Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cold toes, warm heart

i've died & gone to "sense & sensibility" heaven...

it's just as you'd think it'd be in the english countryside: cold & damp & cold. my {freezing cold} toes miss texas, but the rest of me is happy to be here. hud, clint, & i went on a wonderful countryside walk where i swore @ any point robin hood, peter rabbit, or mr. darcy might pop out. no classic brits to be seen, though there were lots of sheep.
and mud. serious mud.
more pics tomorrow. for now I think i'll let this guy read me a bit of jane austen...

(silliness abounds no matter the continent)
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Jaclyn said...

omg...how so very cute is hudson?! I miss him! Thinking about y'all all the time, can't wait to hear all about your adventures :)

Elena said...

Oh, please take me with you! I'd love to be in Sense and Sensibility heaven (though I am very grateful to be in Indiana Jones' heaven at the moment!). It looks so lovely, looking forward to hearing about your time there!

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