Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6 month recap

gah, its really been a long time, hasn't it?
here are a few phone pics, just so you remember who we are :)
christmas tree shopping
at the uber-festive lowe's
cookie baking...
our coolio art easle from grammy & granddad
(that's hudson's "sea turtle")

new design (one of my favs)
tried a "heat-free" curl method - pretty funny looking :)
lots of playing on baylor campus :: hudson & holland pretty much rule the school
the little lovies had their first day @ the new preschool

(pics out of order & frankly, i can't remember what happened when)
some days we felt grumpy
other days, we just made a big mess
oh, & holls got hand & foot disease (nice.)
we did puzzles (thanks aunt nonna!) & our hair
and played a good deal of dress up
aunt jen & uncle p came for a basketball game (febuary!) & hudson learned this new super cheesed out smile
i started really freaking out about school, which lead to a few baking sessions (with puffed cheetos.  yes.)
we painted birdhouses
& dressed up for school (LOVE leg warmers),
and for the occasional rain shower.
first braids!!!  i'm DYING, people.
baby braids are a 10, while this cinnamon fudge is a 9.9999.
i got ALL of my pillows out (hudson & holland love to throw ALL of them on the floor)
cookie baking!
LOTS of park picnics (room to play & NO lunch clean up)
the dress i made holls for easter (that finally fit - i made it a year ago!)
cookie eating
CRAZY amounts of paper writing went on in the past 6 months. 
crazy amounts.
serious insanity.
(but it's all DONE - at least until may 31.)
hud started helping with the grocery list


Anonymous said...

loved seeing the recap of yalls life!
please blog more!
we miss you and want to know what is going on with you :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, LOVE the pics and have missed your blog sooo much. It was my way of seeing the kids often. And you know how we grandparents want to see them OFTEN.
Love to all. Mom

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