Sunday, March 16, 2008

alacrity designs is born!

wow - what a week! clint was gone for a conference for most of the week & mom i spent hours upon hours sewing & creating. i feel like i've been in a time warp - like i was gone in sewing world for a week, but i've emerged & i'm so excited about the work! thanks so much for all of your sweet comments - i think you'll like these even more!

my official site is -! check it out!!! so far i have several onesies, a few aprons, & a handtowel. i'm working on burp cloths this weekend & shoes, & then eventually baby bedding! i'll include pics here, but there are more in the etsy shop. my multi-talented husband did a photo shoot in our backyard & the pics turned out so great!

so the name... alacrity - "cheerful readiness, willingness, liveliness". it's a "gre" word i learned a few years ago. weeks ago when i was trying to think of a name, alacrity kept coming up - on the radio & in books. when i looked it up again, i loved the meaning. it represents the way i want to live life - joyfully & ready for what comes, with a willingness to be present for the moment & to be a part of Life w/ a capital "L" - true Life! i design with this in mind. (you can read more on my "profile" off of etsy.)

these onesies were made with fabric i had on hand - i'm getting more in this week, so i'll do some variations. if you'd like something that you don't see on etsy, let me know - i can make it for you. also, i'm working on some sets for gifts w/ a price reduction, so inquire if interested!

let me know what you think!!!

***look @ etsy for hand towels & aprons - i didn't want to overwhelm your computers w/ too many pics...


Magen Quiroz said...

wow kelly... great esty shop!

Unknown said...

Yeah!! What a great name and word-- never heard it but I love it!!
DO NOT give in to the LOST desire-- oh, wait it out. You will have such a better Thursday. You have such self control. :)

Christy said...

i love the cute onsies! and your shop is great. clint did an awesome job with the pictures. hope that you have fun on your trip to georgia! love you! christy

Kimber-Leigh said...

hi kelly! fun to find your blog today! i love the turtle's so cute!

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