Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ogs in town

in spite of hud's sickness, we had a lot of fun this past weekend with the ogdens. in between bouts of virus symptoms, christy & i got a pedi, saw a movie (definitely, maybe - and definitely not good - we ended up leaving as it felt like a waste of time. christy got our money back - yeah, i was totally impressed!), drank coffee & ate banana nut muffins - my fav, & shared our favorite blogs. it was a nice time.

i made the grave mistake of thinking hud was better on saturday, & so christy & i ventured out w/ the boys to panera while jordan helped clint work on our baseboards (yeah, we still hadn't put them up after we painted like, um, months ago...) anyway, we quickly discovered that little harp was not over that virus. my child threw up all over himself, the high chair, & the floor! nice. what can you do? let me just say you know a gal is truly your friend when she's on the floor cleaning up your child's vomit. christy, you're amazing! and that's not the end of the story. so i pick up hud to clean him & realize he's also had that OTHER symptom of the virus. so because A. he's covered in puke & B. there's no one sitting anywhere close to us, i whip out the changing pad & discreetly try to change him. that's when i heard a voice saying "you can't do that here". i didn't even look up - i mean seriously?! what am i supposed to do? he's covered! christy practically crawls out from under the table where she's cleaning vomit w/ wet ones & tries to explain. when it becomes apparent that the lady hasn't a clue, christy just nicely says "okay", & i finish changing hud, & she finishes the floor.

so i'm dedicating this post to warrior christy - fearless & tough. unafraid to take on movie theatre managers & cranky panera workers all in one leap! i'm so glad you guys came to visit.


Kelli said...

I hope Hudson starts feeling better soon. It's no fun at all when they're sick!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Oh my gosh- well here you are!! Can't wait to catch up with you, fellow blogger!! Welcome to the world of blogging, its so addicting! :)

darrah said...

hey! i got your etsy e.mail yesterday...i was drawn to the green pattern first(maybe the second one down). they were all good looking, though. let me know when you get your shop up!

Unknown said...

nice to meet you in blogworld!
i hope i get to meet you in person.
i cannot believe you survived this incident so gracefully in public.
with 3 kids, we've had many leaky babies...but none (yet) in a restaurant!
good thing you had another mom with you!
what a friend!
i saw something about Etsy?
what are you selling?
love that site!!

LuLiTa said...

poor huddie. is he better yet? give him a healthy kiss for me!

darrah said...

thanks for the encouraging comments! i'm glad that you like it.

the first knitted looking little piece is a swatch from her dining room chairs that i used for color inspiration. i didn't knit that. would've been neat if i had, though!

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