Monday, March 10, 2008

okay, okay & new creations

i know i need to add a new blog, but i'm in one of those moods where i just want to look @ other people's blogs! it's 9:30 & i'm about to go to bed - i'm very, very tired. clint went on a business trip early sunday morning - we didn't get much sleep getting things together for him saturday night, & then i stayed up late last night creating (okay, & i was a little freaked out home alone!). anyway 10 hrs of sleep in 2 days = sleepy kelly. thankfully mom's here for the next several days to keep hud & i company & fight off any scary monsters in the night.
okay, about these creations... they're a little funky, no??! many of you know i'm beginning my own business (yaaay!) & i thought i'd start with baby bedding, but i'm taking a small detour. there's a shop in nyc that's potentially interested in my creations & so i'm making a few things to ship up there. i know, it's exciting!!! i got some tips from my ultra cool nyc sister about the design vibe in the big apple (as she says, "kel, it's all integrated here - from canvas art to onesies."), & i started creating.
they aren't in the "final stage" & the pics aren't great - the camera kind of messes up the design of the fabric, so darn, but you can get the idea. for those of you who aren't so funky, no worries - not all of my stuff will me so nyc. i'm diverse :)


Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH- these are sooo cute!! I love them and am so impressed by your talent!! Do share more!!

kelly said...

thanks courtney! that means a lot from a professional crafty gal like you :)

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