Monday, April 21, 2008

fun with sammy & new alacrity stuff

i have been miss busy bee lately!!! it's so funny to go from being bored with nothing to do, to feeling like you're using every spare minute of your days. my mom & i were talking the other day about how that's just life - rarely are things perfectly balanced - we often have too much of something, or not enough! i'm trying to just enjoy. our house is a mess - the floors are in dire need of the vacuum cleaner, not to mention the bathrooms, but oh well! little harp & i are feeling much better than last week (thanks to clint who deserves the incredible dad & husband award for nursing us through last week!!!) & i finished TONS of sewing, so i'm happy!
these are pics of the recent creations - being shipped off to nyc & tyler today! my good friend's mom is taking some things in to a boutique-ish store in tyler to see if they'd like to sell them! exciting :) she just called me & asked if she could take them in for me - i'm so thankful! so if you're in tyler, stop by Snug as a Bug & tell them you'd like them to carry alacrity designs!!!
so these are the new creations - new onesie designs & also a new gift set i'm doing. it's a little lovie blanket w/ fun fabric on one side & the softest minky dot fabric on the other. you also get a onesie & burp cloth with the set - it's $40 & comes neatly wrapped - ready to give. i can't decide if i like the blue apple/pear set the best, or the yellow bird!!! both are SO fun & make me want to have another one!!!! well, sort of... hahahahaaaa!
more designs, details & pics @ my etsy shop - the link is in the upper right hand corner of this page.

and the other pics are from 2 weeks ago when sammy williams came to visit us. they had lots of fun with each other! h even shared his cold with samuel - what a sweet guy!!! (we hope you're better sammy sosa!)

hope everyone is well & having a happy monday!


Christy said...

LOVE the new creations! They are SO cute and you have been busy! My favorites are the new tulip, the sailboat with polka dots, and the tree! Love you!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Those are WAY cute. I really like them all so much I can't decide on a favorite! Your creativity is getting even better with use!! Great job!!

kinsey said...

love the new stuff...can't wait to order some more :-)

Eric and Ruth said...

Love the sailboat and cute fabrics!

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