Saturday, April 26, 2008

sicky again - round 34 (it feels like!)

h is sick AGAIN. he's had a cold for just under 2 weeks & we finally took him in last night - double ear infection & fever! pooooooor baby. i feel so bad for him. i had lots of ear infections when i was little & i remember them hurting so bad that i couldn't stand it. he's been a little crankier lately, but it's so hard to know if it's his ears, or teeth, or just a stage... aye-yi-yi! anyway, the sweet on-call doctor assured me that it was okay, & we couldn't bring him in for every little thing, so we did the right thing in waiting, but it kills me that he's been hurting for who knows when?!!!

so we're on antibiotics for the THIRD time in 3 months - not good. thank goodness we've used the same one each time. i can't help but feel a little uneasy about this, though. i know antibiotics kill everything in your system - good & bad bacteria. but when he has a double ear infection & i'm pretty sure it's been there for a while, i don't see how i can opt out of them! my friend recommended garlic drops - they supposedly help w/ healing & the pain. when little harp is old enough & can tell me when his ears start hurting, i'll use things like this, but it's so hard when they can't talk!

i don't want to be a paranoid parent, but i can't help but be concerned about things like autism. i know the american academy of pediatrics assures us that it's not caused by things like vaccines, & i'm sure they would laugh in my face if they knew i'm just a little worried about antibiotics! but something is causing all of these babies to fall somewhere in the autism spectrum, & it is an autoimmune disease (or disorder?). i didn't know that until a few months ago.

okay, well, that's my beef these days. not sure that's really a "beef" - more of a worry, but it sounded funny to write that, so i did. if you're the praying kind & you think about it - pray for hudson. i think his immune system is down - he seems to catch things & then not let them go! maybe he's just too sweet & they like him too much :) anyway, a mom's got to worry - that's my job, i guess. you can pray for me, too - clint & i. we're researching vaccines & are thinking of having his 12 month shots spaced out, rather than getting them all at once. his immune system just doesn't seem strong, & we think it doesn't need more bugs at the moment!

okay, that's me lately! that & sewing up a storm. i've had lots of orders lately - very fun! i'm trying to blog more - you can pray for that, too - hahahahaaa!
***the picture has nothing to do with this blog, if you're wondering - it's so cute that i had to share!


Kelli said...

Our kids are sick all the time too, and I know it's so frustrating to constantly be putiing them on antibiotcs. Someone recommended Vitamin C and probiotics to us for our kids. I'm not sure if Hudson is old enough to start on those, but it nay be worth the research. We started the vit. C this week and I am going to a homeopathic store here in town this week to get the probiotcs (acidophilus is a probiotic). I will ask them how old children have to be to start taking that. Good luck!

LuLiTa said...

i know it isnt easy, but try not to worry. remember how tiny huddie was in the hospital & how worried we all were? and now he is a little fat, happy boy! i know you are feeling overwhelmed & frustrated, but try & remember how far he has come. he is a strong boy & you are a great mom. he will be even stronger one day because of all of this. i love you & i am thinking of you :)


kelly said...

thanks guys :)

kelli - let me know what you find out! i've heard of probiotics - i have a super health nut of a friend that's a great resource - i need to ask her some questions!

jlg - thanks for your words, & you're right - it's good to remember how far he's come.

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