Tuesday, April 1, 2008

road trip

i think i win an award for most insane road trip ever. it's a long story, but we decided to drive to georgia to visit family. mapquest says the trip should be 12 hrs, but that's with out stops, so let's say 13 or 14, okay? yeah, 17.5 hrs later, we finally made it back home. seriously. we left @ 5:30am & got home @ 11pm. whew, it was one loooooong day. our trip was elongated not because of car ish, but because of hudson ish. poor little guy. we had planned to feed him on the road, but when he puked ALL of his lunch all over himself & the car seat, we discovered that our boy just might have a tinge of car sickness.
so we had to stop for every meal to feed him & let it all digest. clint would take out a few suitcases & voila - our make shift play pen! hud loved it, & really it was nice to sit back & get some fresh air on that loooong trip.
i guess it wasn't that nice though, because we're pretty sure we're going to fly next time...

*alacrity news - the "buy a onesie, get it wrapped w/ a matching burp cloth free" deal is still going. tomorrow i resume sewing like a mad woman :) i've been pretty busy helping lots of you stock up on baby gifts - so fun! if you haven't seen the shop, check out www.alacritydesigns.etsy.com


LuLiTa said...

i cant believe you didnt hang a left to go ahead and visit aunt lulu in new york, with all that fun road trippin :)

Kelli said...

There's nothing worse than projectile vomit on a road trip. We have been there! Sloan aslo gets a little car sick, which we found out the hard way. Good times.

Unknown said...

Oh my. Read my post on flying before you do. I don't want to be the dark-travel-cloud- but I quit!! Traveling that is!! Just kidding, sort of. :)

Mary DeMuth said...

Hi Kelly,

I totally remember you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to see things are settled down in your life. We're back from France too.

Mary DeMuth

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