Saturday, May 17, 2008

don't have a lot to say, & no cute pics! but i'm blogging anyway because it's been a week.

hud & i were in kerrville visiting my mom & grandmother this week. going to kerrville for me is always a little like stepping back in time. my family has gone to kerrville all the way back to when my mom was a child, so there are lots of memories there. i did have this funny "full circle moment" (i know, i'm showing my oprah roots!) in the local heb. mom, hud, & i were doing some shopping for the week, & suddenly a song by the judds came on over the loud speakers. now i don't mean "only love" by winona judd, i mean the good old, old songs from when naomi & winona sang together! the song was "why not me?". do you know it????
"why not me on a rainy day... why not me to love your cares away... why not me?"
my cousins, sister, & i used to belt that song out as we drove all around kerrville, usually looking for more floaties, sun block, gloves to protect our hands @ the rapids... we were always in either our red striped surburban, or my aunt's red striped suburban!!! and we sang all the judd's songs with all of the passion that our little 6, 7, or 10 year old hearts could hold!
anyway, it was a funny feeling to now be in heb with my little one & having the judds serenade us - i kind of still wanted to sing along.

time is such a strange thing. i read this quote the other day "The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been." (madeleine l'engle) i like that. i like to think that i'm still the blonde haired toddler, the nerdy 5th grader with huge red glasses, the sensitive high school freshman, the carefree college sophomore, the newly married & clueless 22 yr old, & the new mommy (also clueless!) - all right now. time is strange, life is strange, but it's also strangely beautiful.

well, that's all i have for right now.

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LuLiTa said...

remember when rick would speed down utc rd to hwy 6, swerving. i used to laugh so hard my stomach would hurt. ah, the burban.

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