Sunday, May 11, 2008

what a deal!

who knew $40 would change my life?
the next time you see me, i'm going to be a total health nut. you may not even recognize me.
our neighbor had a yard sale on friday, & we got the coolest running stroller! we've wanted one for awhile, but the good ones are pretty expensive & we'd heard the cheaper ones aren't really worth it. so we've survived 12 long months with out one & really, i'm just sure that's why i still have a few sneaking pounds left!!!! it couldn't be all of those reeses or blizzards - no way! you see, i'm POSITIVE i'd be tan & totally toned if i had just had a jogging stroller... yeah, i'm sure of it.
anyway, now i have one, and i definitely have visions of walk after walk after run this summer - daily! i'm just sure we'll spend our days as a family hitting the trails & the pavement. i'll probably even take it to the pool everyday where i'll do laps with hudson on my back.
& we'll definitely want good nourishment for all of our aerobic activity, so i also see my self whiling away the summer evenings making the most nutritious fruits & veggies for my family! i doubt we'll even have dessert at all!
so gone are my reeses splurges (did you see that post?), folks! i'm just sure i've become a new woman!!!


Jen Haney said...

if I go get a jogging stroller will I be tan and tone???

Christy said...

awesome kelly! is it a double? does that mean something . . . :) you will love it - we use ours all the time! hudson will love it too!

LuLiTa said...

i heard that simply possessing a jogging stroller makes you four pounds lighter and that reeses are fat free. you already ARE a new woman! happy (belated) mothers day, hot mama!

Kelli said...

We want before and after photos!

walkers said...

i love reading your blogs too- you go girl with your stroller and hot bod! yes add me, and I will too! a

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