Sunday, May 4, 2008

ice cream sunday, part two

yeah, we did it again. last sunday was just too good!!! we went to ben & jerry's for the second sunday in a row, & this time we drug the sebas with us!!! it was a fun date. yes, i got the peanut butter & chocolate again (seriously probably the worst one you could get fat gram wise) & yes, hudson hogged clint's cinna-bun cone again. it was great.

in between bites we discussed such adult things as american idol (we all think it's going to be a david-david show down), & what toys ruth recommends for 1 yr old birthdays (coming up SOON!). this may be becoming a harp family tradition soon...

*ps - you'll notice there are no pics of daddy harp this week. he said no pics because he's wearing the same thing as last week. haha! i was surprised i wasn't wearing the same thing, too! one thing we definitely picked up in europe was the unabashed ability to wear the same clothes frequently. well, i say "unabashed" - usually clint's unashamed, but maybe he just doesn't want it documented for the grandkids?! :)

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