Thursday, May 1, 2008

my new town, thee i love (or at least don't hate)

as little h & i were driving around finishing our errands this afternoon, i realized one thing i like about our new town - all the nice landscaping. even our local sonic has really well maintained bushes, mini-trees & even bird of paradise flowers! i know this because one of our errands was for me to try one of those new java chillers from this sonic. i had caramel.

anyway, this noticing something that i like about our new town is good for me. you see, i wasn't exactly thrilled about moving here. this could possibly have to do with the fact that we had a newborn @ the time & had also just moved to a new house 4 months earlier. let's just say it was a little stressful. another disheartening factor was my lone memory of this new city. it was from about 20 yrs ago when my great uncle died. i didn't really know him, so the memory's not sad - i hardly remember the funeral. but what i do remember is driving to the funeral! the traffic was so horrific, & i had to go to the bathroom so badly! it blew this little east texas girl's mind that we couldn't just pull over to the nearest gas station. let's just say tyler didn't experience much traffic back then! anyway, this memory coupled with what i knew would be "bad hair" weather, didn't make me too thrilled about houston.

all that to say that this is a remarkable post! so i like the landscaping... & i really like our neighborhood. the big trees remind me of tyler & the street i grew up on - except they don't change color here in the fall, but i won't mention that, since this is a post about what i LIKE about this new place. let's see, where was i? oh, we love our church - it's been a tremendous blessing to us, & a true community, despite the commute. also, we have all of these great birds around here! seriously - it's weird. i saw a sign in a neighborhood close by that says it's a "bird sanctuary", & i don't know what that means, but maybe some of the birds are migrating over here, too, because we see tons of blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, wrens, robins... okay, really i'm just naming bird species now - i don't really know what all of them are, but they're nice. i need clint's grandad's bird manual... oooo & clint's home! which means it's time for our family trip to the HEB! oh, & that's another thing i like about houston - our "vintage heb"!

happy thursday.

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Katie Ryan said...

Thank you for mentioning some good things. Since I will be moving there at the end of this month, I really needed that! I'll have to keep an eye for some birds and a nicely landscaped Sonic when I go get my Cherry Limeade:)

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