Thursday, June 26, 2008


does this happen to anyone else? as soon as i post, i usually have all of these great ideas for another post, but when i sit down to blog, i'm blank! ack! but i wanted to say hello to you guys, so here i am! also, there's a blog i've been LOVING lately & i thought i'd share. it's i really love this site! anna maria is a gifted designer/crafter/artist... she was on martha stewart last fall - wow! she's also a mom of 5 kids & lives in the coolest, bright, fun house in nashville - you can see pictures of it on her blog.
her things are so inspiring - i could spend hours browsing her site - oh wait, i actually DO spend hours browsing her site!!! haha! anyway, hope you enjoy...!


Katie Ryan said...

I started reading her site about a year ago. It's super cool and very inspiring.
I, too, get draw blanks when blogging, which explains my lack of it nowadays.
P.S. Thanks for the Houston advice and sights to see. It was helpful!

Katie Ryan said...

Oh, I meant to ask you: Is there a good place to buy fabric around here? I, too, am sewing something everyday.

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