Wednesday, June 18, 2008

bathtub hair

i have hair ish. really, i always have. it's thick, it's kind of wavy, but not curly - more prone to wild frizziness. ugh. it's always been a problem, my hair. my mom never knew quite what to do with it - curling iron? hot rollers? pink rollers? pik or comb or brush??? her hair, along with my sister's being that nice, shiny, fine hair that i've come to covet. well, my mom's hair was like that until she underwent chemo & then it all came back thicker, but still nice and shiny - ugh! anyway, i never really learned to "fix it" - i think i swore off all hair products & tools because i didn't want to spend the hours with all of that stuff, trying to tame it, only to have it look worse than when i started!

so around high school my haircut motto became "just make sure i don't have to do anything but blow dry it". this mostly worked except that horrible time my senior year that carol just didn't get the same "vision" for my new hair cut & basically cut waaaay too much! every senior in high school's dream, huh??! anyway, i survived (barely).

anyway, so i've learned to live with my hair ish - sort of... i go through phases. currently i'm in an "i need help with my bangs" phase, but i don't know that i trust my new hair gal enough yet. it's rough, hair ish & that brings me to my title "bathtub hair". with all my hair anxiety & never knowing what to do with it (especially in this coastal humidity!!!), how in the world do i get out of the tub & look in the mirror & think, "hey, my hair looks cute!"???? does that ever happen to you?

it's the craziest thing - it's happened to me a couple of times. i get in the tub, bobby pin my bangs back (in a sort of twist - out of habit), loop my hair up high, so it doesn't get wet, & VOILA - one steamy hour later my hair looks super cute - like the models in the anthropologie catalog i got the other day! is this their secret??? is this what all the other thick haired girls have always known, that i haven't???

so i guess i at least have options - if i want my hair to look good, i can spend an hour blow drying & straightening, or i can take a bath & go with the up do :)

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Christy said...

i want a picture - to see the do (sp?)

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