Saturday, June 14, 2008

new ts, taxes, & my cutie little boy

it's 11:52, & we should be going to bed, but clint & i are such night owls - it's bad news! we're so tired (especially me) in the mornings, but we just love night time hanging out & we don't ever want to go to bed!

anyway, on to the new ts. i ordered some new size 2T shirts from american apparel. they're too cute! they're kind of "big boy" (or girl) because they don't have the lap shoulders, & i was a little worried that that would detract from the cuteness factor, but i think they really work. i also enlarged the pattern, so it would fit the size of the shirt. any onesie pattern can be made in the 18-24m shirt, or this 2T shirt. so here's the toile sailboat in the 2T...

i've also made the polka sailboat in 2T & wish i'd gotten a pic of that before it was shipped to a certain little newly 2 year old boy in tyler, texas! happy birthday, caden!

i've had so many orders this month - thank goodness my mom stayed for a few days after our florida trip, so i could get some things done! sewing & hudson don't always mix well, & my mom is always happy to wrangle the little guy, so i can finish orders! she's pretty crazy about the little man :)

so on the the tax bit - i got my first tax form in the mail today. i had researched a lot, so i'd be prepared for this day, but nothing can ever seem to prepare you for the bureacracy of anything having to do with the government! i unfolded the form, smoothed it out, took some deep breaths, & tried to figure out what the heck any of it meant! 2 seconds later, i realized there was little hope, so i went to their website for some help. yeah, the website = virtual page, upon virtual page of "help" that is just as confusing as the darn forms!!! WHY, i ask you???! i was trying so hard to be an adult & figure this whole tax deal out, when i finally gave in to my inner child & blurted out, "would it be so hard for them to have a page that has arrows explaining EXACTLY what to do with each blank?????!!!!!!!". it was approximately 5 minutes later that i noticed the THREE pieces of paper that where included in the envelope with this tax form that went into great detail (with arrows!), explaining each blank! ooops! so i'll take this moment to apologize to rick perry & susan combs! i didn't vote for you rick, or susan (do we vote for comptrollers???) & i still don't really like you, but you did the right thing including those instructions.

okay, & lastly i'll include a new pic of my cutie little guy. this was him enjoying a cupcake @ caleb's birthday party. thanks for letting us celebrate with you, caleb!


The Dansbys said...

kelly! it is fun to find you here! your son is darling and i hope everything is going great for you all! love, amelia

Kelli said...

Hudson is such alittle doll. He looks so much like Clint!

Anonymous said...

i dont quite know what it is about the latest picture of hud....probably all the icing on his face...but he looks especially like you!

kelly said...

oh thank you kind sister :)

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