Monday, June 9, 2008

florida luv

okay, did you think i'd fallen off the face of the earth?! clint & i were in sunny florida last week!!! it was truly heavenly :) clint's aunt & uncle were so sweet to let us use their condo in amelia island! it was a much needed retreat for this momma! but of course, we were so very happy to return to our little man, who had spent the week getting into mischief with his mimi!

here are some pics...

my idea of paradise

our little sand castle

we looooooved lounging in the sand, reading our books. i finished "animal, vegetable, miracle" (very good) & clint read "5 people you meet in heaven" - then we switched.

clint @ the fabulous fudge shop we found! notice his grin??! we got chocolate w/ a peanut butter center. we ate this & then went home to eat ice cream on the balcony! hey, we were on vacation :)

i wanted to have a picture to remember that clint bought a beach book @ the quaint "book loft" shop, this is the pose he struck - nice.

to get me back for making him take a cheesy picture, he followed me & kept taking pictures like this...

it was like having the paparazzi follow you. i totally felt like gwyneth...

& here we are eating again - yeah, we pretty much spent half the time eating! (the other half was lounging under the sun - as you can see on our faces!)

and here we are home again - the family :) (yes, i was one of those nerdy tourists who wore my vacation shirt on the way home!)

when hud saw us, he went face down on the ground & almost started crying. it was sweet/sad & also really funny! i wish i had a picture of it. of course i felt like he had grown & changed so much in just 5 days - how do they do that?????

so anyway, i'm back in the blogging world now - lucky for you, right???! haha!

happy monday to everyone :)


Kelli said...

Ohhh, I'm so glad you guys had a nice time. And it IS nice to have you back! Great pictures.

darrah said...

nice! and i was wondering what happened to you. i noticed. i really like that last pic of hudson. he looks so happy.

LuLiTa said...

im glad you got a break! i cant believe how many toofs buddha has! he has a full-on smile :)
miss you!

LuLiTa said...

did clint tell you that hud and i chatted on the phone yesterday? we had a little conv-o. he is perfect.

Christy said...

love the pics! the last one is such a good family picture. i really wish you would have gotten a pic of huds face when you came back. so sweet!

Steph said...

oh such a cute cute fam!! Hud's expression is priceless and infectious! You two must feel so blessed!
Take care, steph

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