Tuesday, June 3, 2008


never seen the musical, but i think i need to.

it's 11:30pm & clint is up in our attic trying to find a cat. yes, a cat. our neighborhood is full of strays that maddie delights in barking @, & apparently they've found their way into our humble abode. i guess i should be thankful they're just in the attic & not the actual house!

this is clint's second attempt @ capturing the cat. about an hour ago he went up but came back down the steps empty handed. i told him he was basically the bear grylls of our street. he responded that i was pronouncing "grylls" wrong, but i think secretly inside he was smiling :)

anyway, so he's currently back for round two. my mom is standing on the attic steps calling "here, kitty-kitty-kitty...". before chronicaling these events, i was previously painting my toenails. & hud's miraculously still asleep through the chaos.

so, what's going on @ your house???!


Christy said...

we have something in our attic as well. i think it is a squirel, jordan (after seeing the movie rattatoulie) - thinks it is an army of rats. i don't know what it is and we have traps up there but every night they seem to scamper around the same place and are having a wonderful time.

Jen Haney said...

why are you acting like having cats in your attic is bad Kelly. You should be thankful. They make great pets. I can only hope a cat lives in our attic some day....seriously...just picture Daily's precious face when you guys are calling those cats rotten names. Daily only had one small tiny flaw. Other than that- he was an amazing. pet. :)

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