Thursday, June 12, 2008

ouch - teeth!

if i were a good mom this post would be titled "ouch - teeth!" because i felt sorry for hudson & his constant teething. however, the title of this entry comes from my own pain.
here's our issue - we have tons of stray threads around from my sewing escapades, & hudson seems to think it's his job to help mommy clean up all of these random threads. this might be nice except he seems to have confused the trashcan with his mouth, so i'm constantly looking up & seeing him chewing them - like he's chewing gum!

this is where i think to myself "can eating a little (or alot) of thread really hurt him?".

i reason this out every time because i know if i do decide to "go in" & do the finger-swab to try & remove the dreaded thread, hudson will likely chomp down right on my finger! yes, this is where the "ouch" comes in. it HURTS like you know what! his little teeth are like daggers, & it's as if he came with this innate sense to bite down with every strength of his little being when anything is put between his jaws. it's kind of funny for a milo-second before i feel the pain - him, chin out, teeth set - as if he's doing something he's supposed to. but then i feel it, & i always scream! it hurts sooooooo bad! i'm always sure this will be the time he actually bites it in half! he doesn't usually get the screaming hint, but eventually he'll let my finger out of the jaws of death, & i'll be so thankful to have it again! this is when i swear i'm going to vacuum more, so little strings don't get in little mouths & my little fingers don't get bitten to smitherines! maybe next week, when i get organized, i'll be able to vacuum more - hmmm, that's what i say @ the end of every week!

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Kelli said...

Yes...babies have sharp little puppy teeth and they all think it's hilarious to watch us writh in pain. Little stinkers. As for the tea, you can actually find it at a lot of spa's, oddly enough. Or you can buy it online. It's not unreasonably priced and it's just so yummy. My personal favorite is the Citrus Mint. I need to see if I can buy a full box of just that flavor. As for the stench in the house - yeah, so annoying. Perhaps the cat in your attic left some kind of other surprise - lovely. Home maintenance - gotta love it huh?

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