Sunday, July 6, 2008

hudson said "mama"!!!

yep, that's right! during bathtime (our second for the day - i'll get to that in a minute.), hud started saying "em-ma, em-ma", which was huge because he rarely makes the "mmm" sound. then in the middle of dinner (also our second), he came out with "mama", as if it was the easiest thing in the world! he even said it a few times for me!!! now i know he doesn't actually know what he's saying, but it still melts my heart!
what doesn't melt my heart is throw up. hudson had 2 rounds today. poor guy, he got the bug that i had yesterday. no fun! we were on the way to church tonight, almost in the parking lot & he suddenly lost his lunch. all over. everywhere. yeah. after bath #1 & small-dinner-of-bland-foods #1, he lost it again THANKFULLY on the blanket i put out over our rug. after bath #2 & super-bland-dinner #2, we very carefully carried our son & his sensitive stomach to the crib. the sleepy little sicky feel asleep vomit-free! yaaaay! here's to a vomit-free day tomorrow, full of "mamamamamamaaaa"s!!!

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Christy said...

oh my goodness - i bet that does melt your heart. i think he does know what he is saying - he LOVES his mama! sorry about the sickness - for huddy it is always the GI stuff, for jayden it is always the respiratory stuff - yes we are here in boston and having to go the doctor because he has respiratory stuff. sad :( hope all is well!

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