Saturday, August 2, 2008

darn thing

okay, now that i look @ this picture, i wish i had adjusted the ribbons before clicking! oops. anyway, this is the "french" bulletin board i made ruth today (is it really french, or is that just what they call it?). ruth & i agreed that her hospital room needed a little spicing up, since she'll be there for awhile & being the craft genius that i am (typing this with extreme sarcasm), i thought - oh, i can make her one of those fun bulletin boards - no problem... famous last words!

it was a fun process, none the less involving even toxic fume spray glue stuff (reminiscent of the day jen & i tried to spraycan paint our refrigerator indoors & ended up high & with black paint up our noses - remember, jen??!) & clint going on scavenger hunts in the garage looking for something to make those darn tacks stick in. in the end, he got to use his saw (we had to cut some wood), so he was happy :)

i'm happy, too w/ the end product - black, white, & yellow like that pbkids room we liked, huh ruth? i just hope it's not too ghetto & actually stays on the wall...

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