Monday, August 4, 2008

edouard - is that french?

here's to weathering our first hurricane in houston! i think we'll be fine here, but i was a little concerned when ruth's nurse said there was an emergency memo going out about night nurses needing to be prepared to stay over tomorrow in case the day nurses can't make it in. eeeek! while driving in today, my mom said she saw 30 huge buses (she may have been slightly exaggerating)coming in & tons of state troopers coming to help in case of evacuation. um, okay.

seriously, i do think we're fine, but it's a new experience. nothing like flashing signs down the highway with "hurricane forming in the gulf. fill your gas tanks." yeah, that's what they say! & they're all over every major highway.

meanwhile my mom & i are planning some major sewing binges! treehouse has ordered some more onesies (yay!), & i have so many little work related projects to do that require an extra set of hands to keep the little guy occupied. good thing that happens to be my mom's favorite thing to do with her hands :)


darrah said...

crazy edourd! i did not know it was getting so bad there. be safe!

and thanks for the shop image that you sent me. i really like that.

Virginie M. said...

Yes, it's french. I have a cousin named Charles-Edouard. But that begs the question...why on earth are they using French names? Equal-opportunity naming of forces of destruction?

robin said...

i just kept thinking they were misspelling eduardo.

kelly said...

well, it has rained all day, but we're fine. edouard was a mild frenchman.
d - wasn't that cool?
v - i LOVE "charles" in french. & yes, totally random w/ the french names, i agree.
robs - i thought the same thing!!!

darrah said...

kelly...where are you? are you okay?? the last i heard edouardo came into town and now you've gone missing. please blog to let all of us know that you are alright.

kelly said...

d - i just saw this. so funny, you!

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