Thursday, August 28, 2008

okay, okay i'll post...

got my package from american apparel today!!! woooohoooo! about to go rip it open & look @ all the soft, clean, new white onesies, ts, and... oh i can't tell you yet! i ordered something new - a new little item for the fall. a PERFECT newborn gift! actually, two things, but i can't tell you! you're gonna flip @ the cuteness, though - let me tell you :)

so why do i order my onesies, ts, & mystery items from american apparel? (well, it's not for their internet advertising, i can tell you that! have you seen it? ridiculous!) though certainly pricey, american apparel makes all of their items here in the good ol us of a, which i like. what i like even more is that that means my little cotton numbers weren't sewn together in sweat shops by people (children, even!) who are often taken advantage of & not paid a fair wage.

so when you buy an alacrity designs item, you can feel good about your little one wearing something that was made fairly - i think that means a lot :)

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