Saturday, August 30, 2008

spillin the beans

i can't keep secrets too long, so i'm spillin the beans! the "secret items" i ordered from american apparel are... (drum roll please!) infant gowns & caps! WHAT, i ask you is cuter than a tiny cap & gown for a tiny little one??? and to go along with these cute little numbers is a new monkey design. observe...

i'm loving these little things for several reasons...

1. they're size 0-3m, insuring longer wearability
2. gosh, i love a matching set!
3. great "gender neutral" gift
4. handmade goodness
5. i heart a monkey outfit on a new little baby monkey!
6. wouldn't this be great for halloween? for babies too little for costumes

this weekend has been my first venture into a different kind of applique. these are top, zigzag stitched & will produce soft fraying @ the ends after wash - so cute! i've seen lots of this type of applique & was really excited to try it out.

so these should be in my shop very soon! if you'd like one, let me know.
(i can do just about any tshirt/onesie design on the gowns, too.)

yesterday i also made this shirt for hudson...

and here's the back!

too fun, huh??! i can't wait to get some pics of him in it. this will go in the shop, too. a gown with the elephant would be darling... oh so many ideas!

hope you're enjoying your saturday!


Weatherly said...

OMG! Kelly the new designs are absolutely darling! You are so talented!

Eric and Ruth said...

Kelly, love the elephant shirt! I can't wait to see Hudson in it.

kinsey said...

i need elephant gowns!! might even need 2...will know in a few weeks, but might need to go ahead and order them. LOVE the elephant!!

kinsey said...

by the way, not for "me." but for gifts. didn't want to start any rumors ;-)

Christy said...

kelly -
oh my goodness! that monkey gown is precious!!! i love it and can't wait to order one. i think i might need one soon - let me know when you are ready to sell them.

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