Monday, August 18, 2008

would ya like a free baby set?

hey folks. it's a laid back, contemplative, don't-make-your-bed kind of day around here. it's pouring out this afternoon. hud & i made it to chickfila to have lunch with clint (yay!), but we couldn't bring ourselves to get out of the car @ the grocery store. in fact, it was hudson's idea just to come home & blog...

but on to MUCH more fun things, huh? you must have seen "free baby set" in the title & been curious, huh????! YEP, that's right - julie over @ onthedotcreations blog is celebrating her 6 month blog anniversary with tons of fun giveaways. one being a onesie + burp cloth baby set from my shop, alacrity designs (your choice of designs)! & how i would LOVE for one of MY blog readers to get it! click here to go to her blog & follow the instructions to enter (all you have to do is make a comment on what you like from my store - easy, peasey!).

ps - she's having 6 giveaways every day this week, so comment on everything you like!

hope you guys are having a good one - it's another monday, huh?!!!

pps - baby olivia is doing well. i started a post about her when i got home friday, but never finished it :( anyway, she is a BEAUTIFUL little tiny china doll. AND guess what? her nurses & doctors asked ruth & eric if they were sure olivia is only 25 wks along, because she looks/measures to be about 27-29 wks!!! that's an ENORMOUS difference in the world of preemies! it's a true miracle.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link, kelly,
it's always fun to win something :)

and your designs are so great!


Weatherly said...

So I totally commented in order to win :) It was not hard to praise your many designs and all the wonderful feedback I get giving them as gifts. Also, I shamelessly plugged you today on my blog! It's fun to share good design!

kelly said...

j - thanks for the compliment! been to chuy's lately???

weath - thanks for being such a supporter of the arts!!! & thanks for the shout out on your blog! i feel so honored :)

Jaime said...

Wow...just went to your etsy site and I'm impressed. I LOVE your designs. They kind of remind me of the way I'm doing my baby's nursery if that makes sense. Anywho, great designs! :)

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