Tuesday, September 30, 2008

dr's appt, take three

well, we found out today that we did have a miscarriage. it was very sad to hear, as you can imagine, & as many of you have even experienced yourselves.

i feel a mixture of sadness, a little numbness, & a bit of relief. i think the relief comes because i was so afraid that the sono would be inconclusive again, & we'd have to go longer in this uncertainty of wondering if our baby was okay. of course, i would have done anything for the life of a child, but living & not knowing if they're okay, or what you can do about it is such a difficult place to be in. again, many of you know this & have walked through it.

so not the news we wanted to hear, but we're trying to rest in the knowledge that god turns even the saddest of situations into something beautiful, if we'll allow him. so i'm trying to allow him :)

thanks for all of the "cyber-support" that you've given us through this time - we sooo appreciate feeling the love.

this is a blessing that i read this morning before we left & really appreciated...

"may the peace of the lord christ go with you,
wherever he may send you.
may he guide you through the wilderness,
protect you through the storm.
may he bring you home rejoicing
at the wonders he has shown you.
may he bring you home rejoicing
once again into our doors."

(*Celtic Daily Prayers: Prayers & Readings from the Northumbria Community)

i don't know that we've returned home "rejoicing", but we're choosing to believe that one day we will be able to see the good that has come from this & will be able to rejoice in that.

*in hudson news... this afternoon when we got home, i was finishing some cookies for small group. just for comic relief, hudson decided to grab a plate (paper - thank goodness!) of cookies off of the island. the cookies came crashing to the kitchen floor & in a moment of real sanity, i decided to run for the camera instead of burst into tears or scream! these are the pictures i got (as you can see, he was quite pleased with himself!).

this was after we had cleaned most of them off of the floor.

hudson stuffing the crumbs in before daddy we could clean them all up!

and the final product...


Mia said...

Sweetie I am so sorry, I have been praying for you ever since I heard and I got so excited for you last week with such opposite news. What a roller coaster!

I do have to say losing our baby last year followed with some of the sweetest time I have ever had with Him and resting in His Sovereign will. I will pray for you as you got to rejoice for the life and now you will mourn. We will mourn with you as well! with love mitzi

The Dansbys said...

Kelly- I am so sorry. However, I am VERY confident that God will use this to make his kingdom stronger in your hearts and that it will end in rejoicing, somehow, someway in His timing. Love, Amelia

Meggan and Trent said...

Kelly - I am so sorry. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

Weatherly said...

Hey Kelly, I am so sorry to hear your news. You and Clint have and will continue to be in our prayers. Love to you both!

Kelli said...

I'm so sorry, Kelly. We will continue to pray for you guys as you heal and as the Lord continues to do this good work in you. Thanks for sharing and letting us join with you in prayer.

Jaime said...

I'm so sorry. :( I'm glad you guys have a definitive answer now, and you will remain in my prayers for sure.

You know, on a totally different note, we wouldn't have had Reid had I not m/c...not that I would have known the difference, but I always like to thank God for sending me my blessing that I would have never known. I just can't imagine my child not being him...I know that makes no sense, but it's true! :) in the meantime, I will certainly be praying for you guys!

Katie Ryan said...

I'm so so sorry. I, too, will keep you in my prayers.

kinsey said...

oh kelly. i sit here with tears in my eyes as i think about yall. i have been praying for you and will continue...

LuLiTa said...

luvs you, sees. looks like buddha has a sweet tooth like someone else in the fam ;)

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