Friday, September 26, 2008

i heart einstein

hudson & i both heart baby einstein this week :)
i got a "send this as quickly as you can!" order this week & so was running that sewing machine for hours the past few days. let's just say baby einstein helped me out!! i really was thankful to have something to keep me busy, & i also discovered that i was thankful for baby einstein "on the farm". once a day, i got an insured 35minutes (YES, i timed it!)of uninterrupted sewing time while hudson was glued to the t.v. laughing @ the animal puppets & trying to repeat "tractor" & "cow".
here he is enjoying his show. yes, he eerily resembles his father watching georgia football...

(yes, this is the same baby set we used when he was tiny. thanks kim dean!)

"mom, could you stop that? i'm missing the part about the pigs..."

he found a way to ignore me :)

happy weekend to everyone!

oh, & ps - if you're in tyler, go by SNUG AS A BUG & see the new monkey & elephant gown & caps & more...!


Eric and Ruth said...

I love the pics!

Steph Zerbe said...

Wow, he can still fit in his boppy! I should pull our back out for the same purpose! How much does Hud weigh? And would you recommend baby einstein? steph

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