Sunday, September 14, 2008

the life of an evacuee

wow, being an evacuee is tough. just kidding! we've been so very blessed by our friends here & it really has felt a little like a mini-vacation. well, a vacation on an aerobed, & of course with most vacations you don't have to worry that you'll return to a tree through your roof. and speaking of, we got a call from our neighbors & our house is fine!!! really? really? i couldn't believe it! after watching cnn, i was honestly preparing myself for a good deal of our furniture or my clothes being completely ruined, or our wood floors, or our china (did you see my "a few of my favorite things" post?)... so getting that call was a little unreal.

AND as if our wonderful friends & our house being okay was not enough blessing, we got a call today that our power & internet are back on!!! whaaaa????? YES! sooo in the idea of "blessed to bless", we're returning to houston tomorrow with hopes to help out our many friends & neighbors who are still with out power & running low on gas & groceries. we stocked up @ our old kroger & head out in the early a.m.

so here are a few pics from our fun weekend...

breakfast @ the lakewood starbucks

hanging with the ogdens

hud & jayden reunite

jen & i

shout out to the incredible haneys! they let us completely take over about 90% of their house. you guys are true friends & we are so very grateful for you :)


Meggan and Trent said...

So glad your house is okay and that you guys are safe!

Amanda Brooks said...

Glad you guys are safe! My family down in Beaumont was very blessed as well. They are hoping to have power and water today, but no trees fell in the house this time. woohoo! Have a safe trip home!

Jen Haney said...

wow- that last picture is amazing....we look so refreshed and awake. Thanks Kel for posting that....:)

We LOVED having the Harps at our house! It was so fun! We felt really special to be a host family for real hurricane evacuees!! We miss you guys already.

Christy said...

love the post and the pictures! so glad that you are back at the house. hopefully things are going okay there. we miss you and had so much fun hanging out this weekend. come back!

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