Wednesday, September 17, 2008

funny huddy

hudson has thoroughly enjoyed the past few days of what many of us here are calling our "ike vacation"! we had 4 of our friends staying with us - courtney, dana, emily, & katie, as their apartments in the woodlands had no power. hudson was overjoyed with the extra attention he received! clint & i had a lot of fun, too. it was kind of like having a big family. fortunately their power was restored this afternoon & we're missing them already :)

also, i've meant to post about some new "hud speak" words, that he's developed of late. so i tried to teach him a few signs for meal time because research says kids are often ready to communicate before they can actually talk. well, i remember the book saying that that if the child modified the sign, or the word, to just go with it, as the point is for them to be able to communicate, not to get the sign or word correct. so i was prepared for "modifications", but not completely made up words! suddenly one day we noticed hudson was repeating the same word "en-ga" & pointing when he wanted something (usually food). i was trying to teach him the word & sign "more" for wanting food, but not so much! so "en-ga" it is & if you don't hear him, or misunderstand, no worries! he will repeat it louder & louder w/ more emphasis until you comply!

the second word is "algune". this one is in place of "all done". he will repeat "algune, algune, algune" & shove away said unwanted object until you get that unwanted piece of food or book out of his sight! it's pretty funny how opinionated these little buggers can be @ 16 months!

i need to get some video footage of these words - i'll post when i do.

happy thursday to all & we hope for restored power to all of our friends!

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