Thursday, September 4, 2008

simple things

don't you find that it's often simple things that really make you smile?
clint came home with these the other day. how nice, huh? so simple, but so nice. i put them in one of my glass jars. i collect glass jars of all sizes. it started in europe where so many more products come in glass jars. i was fascinated. fortunately then i had more time to clean them (labels are such a PAIN to get off!). now you'll often find empty glass jars in my sink, patiently awaiting my attention to take their sticky label off. currently half of the sink is occupied with this huge, beautiful jar that hudson's apple juice comes in. i have dreams of filling it with water & sticking one long & luscious hydrangea bloom in it - pure perfection! (do i have a hydrangea bush, or are they even in season? no, but that's beside the point - this is my dream!)

okay, so i'm totally getting off topic (it's those darn glass jars - they just do something to me.). so what i really wanted to share with you was the simple something that has made me so smiley in my work lately - labels!

thanks to steph for designing them (& everything else) for me! they came in the mail last week & i've had so much fun attaching them to my wares. they're simple, but they make me feel "official" :)

and here's a label on the pink elephant...

cute, huh? i think they turned out so great. the reverse even gives washing instructions! soooo official :) i've really loved using them.

and just for fun, here are some pictures clint took of hudson & i this afternoon. hudson was helping...

okay, so as you can see we're still wading through the whole bottle to sippy cup thing. hudson still won't drink nearly as much w/ a sippy. after our doctor's visit last week (dr. sandifer says bottles can = ear infections), we were really trying to baby step it quick to the the sippy, but alas, it's been 3 steps forward, 2steps back. hudson has had a low grade temp for the past few days & the only way we can get him to chug the fluids is with the bottle. so here we go again... (although i swear i saw suri cruise with a bottle & she's like 3, so i'm feeling better. it's a great idea to model your life after celebrities, right??)

*and lastly in alacrity news (this is really the most random/long post!), i'm still doing the gown/cap deal if you're interested! 2 sets for $25 each (see end of post below).

happy weekend folks!


darrah said...

thanks for the encouraging comments on my works, kelly! i'll take them.

your tags are really cute and do look so official. i'm liking that pink elephant design, too. not to mention the pics of the hudster....a mini combo of the two of you, i think!

kelly said...

you're very welcome! i'm so inspired by you & your work :)

thanks - i do love a pink elephant! i'm actually thinking of possibly creating second pink elephant design - they're just so darn cute!

you think he's a good combo? so glad. his "stick-y up-y" hair is just like my baby pictures!

Kelli said...

You guys okay? Hang in there - we're praying that Ike isn't as bad as they're predicting!

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