Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a few of my favorite things...

pretty china, making flower arrangements, party food, getting out wedding gifts to arrange that party food, arranging a table, making invitations, using clint's great aunt's silver tea set... these are a few of my favorite things! AND i happen to get to do all of these things in a few weeks at ruth's shower. i've had fun dreaming up ideas :)
the minute i saw these invitations on THIS fabulous site, i couldn't wait for a good excuse to make them! and thankfully the seba's hopes for a baby girl panned out because i was dying to use the china we just got that was clint's great grandmother's! isn't that so neat? just the history alone is fun to think of, not to mention how lovely it is. and what luck - it happens to match my china, which is perfect because there are not quite enough plates. thankfully i followed my wise mother's advise & registered for a basic white & gold! thanks, mom - it has served me well :)
i'll have to take pictures of the actual event, but for now here are the invitations...

i have some cuter pictures, but in the little time i had, i couldn't think of a creative way to get a good picture while keeping some of the personal info blurry. oh well.

***and in alacrity news, i'm still having so much fun with those gowns & caps(see post below). can't get enough :) i've had 4 orders already! that plus a few gifts for friends & i'm considering ordering more! what a great problem to have! so if you're in the market for a super cutie baby gift, let me know - i've been known to give friends (or blog readers!) great deals for ordering early (like buy two cap&gown sets & get them for $25 each! they'll normally be at least $30)! but ssshhhhhh! don't tell anyone... :) email me @ alacritykelly@yahoo.com

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