Thursday, October 16, 2008

new creations & diaper rash rant

so i've cleaned up about 5 poopy diapers today & it's not even 4pm.
this is day two.
i know it could be worse - it has been worse, in fact. but at this moment right now, i just feel @ my absolute capacity for bowel movements.
i really should feel worse for hudson than for myself, as he's the one with the righteous diaper rash after all of this excrement (i'm thinking it might be the new malt-o-meal), but i just feel like i might go absolutely insane if i have to rub any more diaper cream on his rear!
anyway, i can say that i now truly understand why people get so upset when someone calls them an a**hole! really - it's a terrible cutdown!!! (if you've ever changed the kind of diapers i'm describing, you won't be offended by that comment!)

...deep breath...

in between diaper changes & "boudreaux's butt paste", i've managed to string together enough minutes to create a new set. i'm in love with this fabric, by the way! IN LOVE.

*this is "red bird". she's $20 on a onesie (long sleeve or short) & $22 on a gown. AND this is our new blankie-burp! it's an oversized burp cloth that can double as a little blankie. it's a great 2in1! more on that to come, but pricing right now is $12 on it's own, or $28 as a onesie&blankie-burp set! and as always, everything comes wrapped & ready to give. go shopping here!

the pictures aren't the best, but it's too rainy to get outside. maybe i'll snap some better ones tomorrow between changing diapers :)


kinsey said...

so sorry that hudson is feeling bad...sad! LOVE that red bird...and LOVE the idea of an oversized cloth/blanket. i need to make an order soon :-)

kelly said...

thanks, kinsey! isn't an oversized "blankieburp" perfect?!
in 24 hrs, i've gotten 2 orders for this - i'm already thinking of ordering more fabric! what a good problem to have :)

Katie Ryan said...

So cute! So cute!

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