Friday, October 17, 2008

busy baker bee

whew, today has been a busy day.
hudson & i spent the morning scooting around, running our errands. first stop was the new postal store with a red bird gift set. amanda had to have one asap! i actually sold 2 in 24hrs - pretty good, huh?! i was thrilled!
this afternoon i've been baking like a mad woman - i have ruth's shower tomorrow & i'm so excited to celebrate the miracle of baby olivia! thankfully katie came to keep me company during her lunchbreak, so i wasn't too lonely!
here's my kitchen...

i won't show you the sink :)

i decided to take a breather while hudson & clint went on a run. it was nice, but now it's over & i've got to get on to icing all of these goodies!! i'll be sure to post pictures of the shower, so you can see the final product!

happy weekend to you all.


LuLiTa said...

yums. can you save some for me please ?

kelly said...

yes! can't wait to see you :)

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