Tuesday, November 11, 2008


lately hudson's vocabulary has expanded quite a bit. he repeats lots of the words we say & loves to say them over & over again. one of his favorites this week is "puzzle", which he pronounces like "pah-sul". pretty darn cute!
but with all of these new found words, he also likes to mix in lots of nonsense words that are so funny. i think the reason they crack us up so much is that he usually says them with such seriousness, like he absolutely knows what he's talking about & we should to!
so this morning i went the get him from the crib, & he looked straight at me with a deadpan face said "no queso!". i've been laughing about it all day! i have no idea where he got it, but i'm fairly certain that for him it's meaning has nothing to do with cheese!
it was an awesome way to start the day :)


Amanda Brooks said...

I am laughing so hard right now!!!!! Only your child would say "No cheese".

Jen Haney said...

His love for cheese is starting early. You should be proud.

darrah said...

that really is funny

Eric and Ruth said...

Hudson looks so grown up in that picture!

darrah said...

uh-oh...i tagged you! go read my blog to find out what that means.
ps: i'll understand if you don't get around to it.

no queso!

Katie said...

man! i can't wait to hear him say that!! my favorite is "nnngah" i may start using it on a daily basis :)

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