Tuesday, November 18, 2008

thank goodness for non-toxic crayons

so this has been our life these past few days - lots of "kuk", otherwise known as coloring & anything else that might possibly occupy this little man for a few precious minutes! i've been spending any & all spare seconds getting ready for the trunk show (did i tell you it was thursday, december 4th 5-7 @ snug as a bug??!)! lots of mad sewing going on around here!!! (hudson likes to do more than coloring with his crayons - you may detect the slight green hue of his lips...)

all that to say, thank goodness mom is here! mimi to the rescue :) my sister was also in town last weekend for our good friend's wedding. we had such a great time seeing old friends...

"the old garrett girls" before the rehearsal dinner

me & mr. e (this is the man who taught me how to drive in their blue suburban - we called it "peeling blue"!!!)

johnna lou & cutie parker

mom & some of her best friends from t-town

the harps clean up pretty good, huh??! i love clint in that tie :)

and this little man was the cutest!

i got pics of everyone except the bride & groom, but they were a bit busy! okay, off to bed so i can get up early & hit the sewing machine!


darrah said...

really great pics of your fam! i love that one of you and johnna and your mom. very pretty. and smart choice confirmed on that lovely little orange number you're wearing.

Amanda Brooks said...

So fun to see pics of the Tyler crew! You all look fabulous! Give your mom a hug for me. VERY excited to hear/see more about your trunk show... hang in there!

Eric and Ruth said...

Great pictures! I love the orange dress too!

Christy said...

love all of the cute pics! your dress is adorable. and little huddy in that red sweater vest - i want to find one of those for little j man. hope all is well! love you guys!

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