Tuesday, December 23, 2008

friendly, crafty gifts

the christmas baking bug bit me yesterday, & i suddenly had to bake some snowball cookies asap. it was kind of crazy with hudson underfoot, but they turned out pretty good & i didn't pull any of my hair out:)

i meant to make these before a lot of our friends went out of town, but never quite got to it! also, in my craziest of crafty christmas dreams, i would have liked to send a little bag to all of our friends, even out of town (yeah right, but a girl can dream!). so if you didn't get one of these bags from us, know that i really meant to get you one - & it's also the thought that counts, right??!!!

while wondering how i could package them, i scrounged around the kitchen & i realized we had some left-over bags & ribbon from last christmas - score!!!

we're taking them around to neighbors this afternoon when clint gets home. as i told my sister, really it's just a sad excuse to show off hudson in his cute christmas shirt!!! heehee! lots of our neighbors are older & will appreciate the 19month old cuteness.

okay, i'm off to wrap gifts. hud & i just got back from shopping for clint. every year clint & i seem to do a fabulous job of waiting until the last minute to decide how much we have to spend on each other, which always puts us scurrying around for stocking stuffers & the like. the only unfair thing being that ONE of us has to tote hudson around while doing it!!!! i have a feeling i'm getting some good stuff, though, so i'm letting my hubby off the hook :)

**today i recommend "new soul" radio for your pandora listening pleasure.


Meggan and Trent said...

This makes me want to go bake something right now!

Christy said...

those look so good! is it a shortbread type of cookie? hope you all have a happy christmas. sorry i haven't mailed your gift yet - i have been a bit behind in somethings! love to the harps!

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