Monday, December 29, 2008


i need to warn you. i think i'm going to keep this background for awhile. yep, i think i'm going to do it. i just love the little birds & the fun trees. birds aren't just for christmas, & the colors are really winter-y, don't you think???
if you can pretend there aren't christmas ornaments on the tree branches, i can too, okay?

just so you know, this is coming from the girl who one year wore her christmas sweater to school in JANUARY! the thing was that i got this super cool sweater for christmas (AND it was from m.a. sims - you tyler people!) & i just couldn't wait another w h o l e year to show off it's coolness @ school!!! so yeah, i wore it. i thought my long hair covered the most incriminating evidence - the huge christmas tree on the back, but i think some people may possibly have noticed. wish i could say this was in the second grade or something, but i really think it might have been high school! hee hee!!!


Jen Haney said...

I guarantee you that I wore something dorkier. I think my turtleneck with the snow men all over it matched with my red stirrup pants may have your sweater beat.

For the record- I never got clothes from M.A. Simms....nope....I think once when they had a half of half sale.

Can't wait to see you soon!!!! (like tomorrow!)

Eric and Ruth said...

kelly, I agree that this background is so cute. As I was reading your post I was thinking you were totally justified in keeping it for a while...I just have to tell you that Caleb just came up to the computer and said, "Christmas!" when he saw it:). I thought that was funny.

Meggan and Trent said...

I love the background! I vote to keep it (as I type this I am looking at my Christmas tree that won't be coming down for a few more days)...

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