Tuesday, December 2, 2008

lessons from a sickie child

we brought several things home with us from thanksgiving this year - a tickle me elmo from mimi, a super cute brown fleece & matching hat & gloves set from memaw, a fun piano toy from the kids' christmas swap, & a nasty stomach bug from kaegan! the virus went through our family like the plague & this poor little guy is sicker than he's ever been in his 18 months of life. you'll remember the "puke fest" from last spring? yeah, he lost his lunch regularly over several months last spring, but then he'd go on about his merry way, acting just the same.

not so this time.

he's so puny it's breaking my heart. he's subsisting off of cracker bits (only if i actually put them in his mouth!) & pedialyte (again, only if i stick the cup in his mouth). all he wants to do is have me hold him & watch einstein over & over & over. poor baby! thank goodness mimi bought us another baby einstein when she was here last, so we at least have a 3 dvd rotation :) we're so hoping to avoid the hospital, so if he doesn't eat much today, we'll probably be setting alarms periodically tonight to wake him & get him to eat/drink. fun times!

& yes, if you're wondering - i do have my trunk show THIS thursday, & YES, this sickness is putting a bit of a damper on all of the loose ends i need to tie up. i'm trying not to stress about it :) reading this post last week (& really all of her posts - she's so darn cute!) reminded me of the real wisdom in being thankful in all circumstance & like it or not, i'm getting a great opportunity to live it out right now!

one of my favorite historic people is corrie ten boom & one of my fav stories of hers is the one about her & her sister's discovery of the flea infestation in their concentration camp room's mattresses. they were both horrified, but her sister reminded them to be thankful for all things (yeah, right! i would have been tempted to hit my sister at that point!! johnna - you know it's true!). so corrie begrudgingly gave in, with what i imagine included a roll of the eyes. later they discovered that their little room of women was afforded much freedom as the guards refused to enter because of the fleas! crazy story, huh?! and while i've yet to have the faith of corrie's sister (!), i am trying to copy it in the smallest of ways while i'm enduring this week with sickie hud + a long to do list.

anyway, this sickness is reminding me that life isn't just about ME, darn it!

well, here's to hoping you have a healthy & thankful week :)


Eric and Ruth said...

so sorry hudson is sick! do you want to borrow some einstein movies? or does he watch elmo?

Christy said...

kelly - thanks for the post it is encouraging to read. i am SO SORRY about hudson being sick. i am sure that it is awful. i hope and will pray that you get everything done that you need to before tomorrow. love you!

Amanda Brooks said...

Hang in there! And thanks for the reminder of the flea story. I love that story. Awesome. Best of luck tomorrow - I wish I could be there!!!

Amanda Brooks said...

Umm....is it already Thursday? My comment should have said good luck TODAY!! YAY! Can't wait to hear about it.

kinsey said...

hope the show went well! can't wait until you post about it...

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