Saturday, December 6, 2008

trunk show fun

so the show was a success! despite the chaos of the beginning of the week (read post below!), everything managed to come together & it was wonderful :)
props to my mamacita for coming with me. every designer needs an assistant, huh??! haha! seriously, we had so much fun together & i couldn't have done it with out her!
and thanks to everyone who came out! it was sooo fun to see everyone - what a great excuse to catch up!

getting organized to pack up...

@ the store, getting things together...

finished product...

kathy, mom, & connie (who helped me immensely!! thank you!)

i had so much fun chatting it up with friends who came! here i am with a good friend from college. kim's baby girl is due in december, so she had fun shopping!!

so as you can see, i have much more inventory now! i've got some new designs that are super fun. AND i now have the following sizes...

0-3m gowns
3-6m gowns
3-6m onesies (long & short sleeve)
6-12m onesies (long & short sleeve)
18-24m tshirts (long & short sleeve)
2T tshirts (long sleeve - working on short!!)
***thinking of doing some larger sizes, too - what do you think????!

AND matching bibs, hats (0-6m adjustable), & larger blankie-burps!

i'm working on getting all of this up on my site, but if you need something before, let me know.

needless to say, i was a bit tired last night when we got home, though i can't really complain since mom had to then drive 4 more hours back home :(. the craziness of this week ended pretty nicely though with a movie by the fire(YES, it was finally cold enough to build one here!). props to my sweet hubby who built the fire & got the movie... oh, yeah AND took care of the little guy for 2 days so i could go! i'm a lucky gal.

happy weekend to all!


Eric and Ruth said...

Yea! So glad to get to see the pictures. That reindeer is so cute! I love the hats too:).

Jennifer said...

hey girl,
i am so sorry that i missed the trunk show. i really was planning on coming. i was getting ready for 2 parties this weekend and honestly, it slipped my mind until thursday night around 7:00. i wish i could have been there. hope you did well!!

Audrey said...

you are crazy talented. really. not fair.

LuLiTa said...

sooooooooooooo proud of you :)

Kelli said...

So glad it went well. Your stuff looks awesome!

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