Saturday, December 20, 2008

slumdog millionaire

d-a-t-e. that spells date & clint & i got one tonight! i know, it's totally a christmas miracle :) dana & i are trading my crafty help for her babysitting skills - awesome deal. anyway, clint heard about this movie & surprised me, saying "trust me, i'll pick out the movie", which really did take a leap of faith, as this is the same guy that talked me into "king kong" & "there will be blood" - the two ABSOLUTE WORST movies of all time!!!!!!!!!
part of the reason i let him pick was because it meant i had to do no planning, which was a further blessing to me (because you know my brain is already full with crafty christmas!) & i'm so glad i did because it was a fabulous pick. really.
it's part india story, part love story, a little about human trafficing... & i'll leave it @ that. i'm just saying if you want a non-hollywood cheese-ola or shoot em up kinda flick that will really make you think & consider your own story & your own place in this world - this one's for you!
oh, & if you don't have a babysitter lined up anytime soon, we just saw 2 really great indies from blockbusters -
fugitive pieces (BEAUTIFUL story of redemption)
diving bell & the butterfly (again, redemption - must be a theme in our lives...hmmm)
i highly recommend these if you're into indy stuff. i must put a disclaimer here, though - these do have some "words" & a tiny bit of n*dity, but not in a hollywood sense @ all. email if you want more info.
do tell me if you see any of these - i want to hear your thoughts!
oh & i didn't get those banana breads baked! i'm sure you were on the edge of your seat wondering! (thank you to my fav bakery for having something similar for $4 each!) & i noticed that i wrote on friday that i was "busy", but the "good kind of busy" - hahaha. what was i thinking? i did have a busy-breakdown yesterday - oops!
happy christmas week, guys!


darrah said...

i've heard good things about slumdog. i'd really like to see it, too.

and way to purchase the breads. you know i back that kind of buy.

robin said...

1.i'm excited to see that movie. i'm in amarillo though...they will play no such thing.

2.there will be blood was one of my favorite movies i saw last year:)

3. i like your clothings. i wish i had seen them earlier and i would have ordered something for my niece for christmas. good work.

kelly said...

you guys would both really like the movie - maybe a double date when you get back, robs??!
yes, d - that was definitely a buy you would back :) & robs - thanks for the compliments! and i would L O V E for you to explain what the heck went on in that movie - i was soooooo lost & the ending was so... um - what? help me!

Eric and Ruth said...

kelly, I loved seeing your Christmas crafts in your last could work for pottery barn...because that is my fav thing about them is seeing how they decorate with cute stuff. I can't wait until Tuesday night. Maybe we can all fit in the odyssey?? I have been thinking about seats and I think we can do it!

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