Friday, December 19, 2008

have myself a crafty little christmas

it's gotten ridiculous. i have waaaaay more crafty projects than i can possibly finish! everyday i seem to think of a new idea or i get inspired @ the store getting supplies for the first project & suddenly my basket is full! today it happened @ joann's (it didn't help that there was a sale).

hudson & i were browsing fabrics, looking for flannel for stockings i'm going to make (yes, i know it's less than a week away from christmas & that i'm already working on the lap quilt kit that i got @ the houston quilt show - don't remind me!) & suddenly i spotted this darling little christmas tree! i thought about the mini-trees johnna & i had when we were little & how fun it was to have a little tree in your own room, & well before i knew it this little thing was in my cart along with these...

we already had a mini strand of lights & some tiny wooden ornaments, so i put it all together & voila!!!

and here it is in his room...

could you just die from the cute-ness??? yeah me, too!! hudson's eyes totally lit up when he saw it! he was so amazed & that made it the best $8 i've spent in a while :)

and while i was i was dreaming about hudson's new mini-tree, these jumped out @ me & screamed, "paint us white & then add glitter!".

i said "okay!", & this is how they turned out...

glitterati! this project was super inexpensive & fast/easy-peasy. the snowflakes were only $1, but i must admit that i did splurge & buy the slightly more $$ glitter - it really does sparkle more.
in addition to all of this, i have 2 canvases that i want to paint to go with a photo collage we're putting up in our den wall. that's right, the harps are finally hanging things on the wall after 15 months of living here!!! oh, & dana's coming saturday so i can help her with some of her christmas crafty ventures, & i need to bake 5 loaves of pumpkin & banana bread for church on sunday!!! it's busy, but a good kind of busy - all things that give me life, you know what i mean?

hope you have some fun this christmas week, too :)


darrah said...


cute tree in hudson's room. i wonder if it will mysteriously hit the floor during naptime, too:).

way to craft it up for christmas!

Christy said...

wow -
you are a busy bee! such a cute little christmas tree and adorable ornaments. by the way - did you make that precious ornament for us? i loved it! i feel like i am on the downhill of business - getting everythingr eady for going to waco on sunday - but it has been busy and fun!

Kelli said...

Okay, could you puh-leeeze come to my house and make it look cute for cheap? Seriously. That's amazing and I'm totally jealous. It's not that I couldn't do those things, it's just aht I don't think I could do them! You are amazingly gifted.

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