Thursday, December 11, 2008

snow in houston?

it snowed yesterday!!! just a few little flutters of white, cotton-y goodness, but it was beautiful! it was a gift to we poor houstonians; we that suffer in the hot humidity & yearn for that spirit of christmas!

it was an especially blessed event for me in this week as i feel as though i've recently finished a marathon of sewing, trunk show, travels, & sickie children! other causes for celebration this week have been the joy of the starbucks espresso truffle - the perfect concoction of thick, chocolately goodness + rich coffee & yummilicous whip cream (AND it's already made with nonfat milk!!).

hudson has been rejoicing in aunt jen's chex mix that was sent home with us from dallas, where we were last sunday for clint's company christmas party. the child would eat it morning, noon, & night if he could! this is especially funny because he's usually uber-picky for weeks after a stomach bug. and clint, what has he been up to? fire building last night - oh, so nice & i'm sure he will relish in the new office tonight (it is new, right??!).

i'm hoping things can continue to slow down & let me simmer in them as we approach christmas. i just hate to rush through the holidays, only to be left in the cold winter of january. (okay, that was totally dramatic & anyway it won't be cold here & i DO have a certain big birthday in january, so i actually have things to look forward to, but you know what i mean!!!) i just want to be able to enjoy, celebrate, & have time to be here in this holiday moment!


Christy said...

how fun that it snowed! i know what you mean about cold january coming so fast after a busy christmas season. i don't like it to go to fast either. and you are right - you have a big fun bday in jan to celebrate! loved seeing you on sun even if it was just for a second!

Jen Haney said...

so glad Huddy loves the chex mix. didn't you love how I sneaked it into your bag....sneaky huh. :) we loved our time with you- even if it was short. Glad the aerobed has gotten so much use this year!

darrah said...

by the way...i read this post and then walked out of my house and kept walking all the way to starbucks where i ordered an espresso truffle. you were right - it was goooood.

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