Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wednesday afternoon

sitting here flipping through MS holiday mag (yes, it's too late for this year, but she seriously has such great ideas!), sipping coffee, & listening to now am i the last to hear of this fabulous site??? apparently so - the transition from young to slightly old really is a tough one! i'm becoming my mom in so many ways lately - this is just one. it's like when she tries to tell me about the new technology she's just heard about that's been in existence for years, or when she tells me about new celeb gossip that i'm pretty sure is months old (it's okay, mom - news travels slow in the hill country!). oh, well - becoming my mom for me, is not such a bad thing :) it's just happening so fast these days...

so the song that was just on was the scientist (yes, coldplay), & it ushered me into a moment that was utterly perfect - coffee, martha, looking out the wreath-flanked window to the cold(ish) outdoors with what may be the most perfect song ever. it was a great moment - i actually forgot about all that laundry, my sicko-dirty floors, & the order i need to finish up (sorry, hannah!). hmmmm. those are divine moments!

so back to - seriously check it out if you're slightly old like me & haven't been there yet! i recommend a "quick mix" of the scientist, hillsong united, ingrid michaelson, & coldplay (just to make sure you get enough piano & chris martin, of course!). oh, & why didn't anyone tell me about snowpatrol??!

oh! sometimes you can't make it on your own is coming on! a mix of indie + coldplay + u2?? goodness.

hope the holiday spirit hits you, too :)


Jen Haney said...

#1. We are both turning into our moms....and they are friends so that makes sense. :)
#2. I wish I was having an utterly perfect moment...forgetting about my 30 hormonal teenagers who won't be quiet during the video and who told me yesterday that I used to be "really" skinny. Awesome.
#3. Snow Patrol is great- I only know a few songs but I like them too!

Love you- can't wait until we come visit!

kelly said...

wow - gotta love teenagers, huh?! that's awesome!! can't wait to see you, either :)

Jaime said...

I love that song...the Scientist. I will check out I am starting to hit reality lately that we are moms, I'm now 30 and it's time to mature. ;) Kidding, but your morning or moment did sound rather perfect.

Anonymous said...

ok if you work with young life you totally have the perks of knowing things like pandora and snow patrol (those are so 2007!!)! i'll try to keep you girls up to date if anything really "cool" comes out! haha!
ps i love both of your moms and i agree- that's not a bad thing to turn into them! jen you=jean! :) sometimes i find myself saying or acting a little bit like margaret too!
pps jen- you skinny! :)

mere :)

Anonymous said...

pps- i finally figured out how to leave comments and not have have a blogspot account!!! yay!! :)

Beverly Stevens said...

Hey Kelly- Pandora is very nice. Had I known it was going to change your life, I would have told you about it a long time ago. I'll let you know if some "cool" music makes its way to Nashville! I have finally started writing on people's blogs...I figured it was time. I do not, however, have my own blog yet. Still not enough fun news to tell! Take care Kelly. Come to Nashville sometime, okay?

kelly said...

mere - really? 2007?? i'm THAT behind?? oooo.

bev - how could pandora not change your life? i'm very disappointed in you. BUT i would love to visit you sometime in nash! we got an invite up from some people c works with, too - we really need to come!!

good job to both of you for becoming more "blog-savy". i can say i was at least before you both on this one :)

and ppps - jen, you SO skinny.

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