Thursday, January 29, 2009

tears for fears

i just spent the first hour of hudson's nap bawling.

i started reading this blog when i saw that this gal was asking for prayers for the family. it's a story of a baby girl's journey with cancer over the last 6 months & how today she's being sent home because the family's worst fears have come true - her cancer is so agressive it's untreatable.

there are just no words.

this morning (okay, really it's 1pm, but with hudson having the flu this week, i'm totally messed up with my time!!) i'm reminded again of life being so very precious. each breathe a miracle, really. if we are blessed with someone to love in this lifetime, we are richer than kings you know? so this is the blessing i take from this family's story, along with the remembrance & hope that i could help carry their burden, even a little bit in prayer, thoughts, & kind words.

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