Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sicky hud = lady bug

hudson & i decided to treat ourselves this morning to our favorite banana nut muffin. it was his idea. in fact, he woke up this morning & said "mama, you have been working so hard to take care of my sick pitiful self for 3 days now & i want you to have a muffin!". yep, that's what he said. he even insisted i use half & half for my coffee :) i love that kid.
okay, well maybe he didn't use those exact words, but i'm telling you that's what his heart was saying - i know because i'm his mom.
it's been 3 days of poor, pitiful sicky boy & finally we have a doctor's appt this afternoon. we've been self medicating with lots of einstein & gatorade to pass the time, but it just hasn't quite worked the way we thought.
but the time @ home has given me more time in the studio & that's been fun (though i still have a lot more to do!). i'm finishing up some new designs for spring. here's a preview of one...

such a fun little design, it think. classic & spring-ish. i'm loving these bibs, too. they're a great heavy cotton, so fully washable - & able to with stand large amounts of baby food, followed by large amounts of spray & wash!!
as usual, this design comes in
gown 0-3m
onesie 3-6m, 6-12m
tshirt 18-24m, 2T
bib & blankie burps to match
& i'll be adding this one to the website today...

happy tuesday.


Ruth Lee said...

Your stuff is adorable Kelly!! I'm so impressed that you do your clothing line and chase after a toddler. Email or call me and let's get together.


Christy said...

poor little huddy! i hope that he is on the up and up of feeling better. what a way to spend your first few days as 30! jayden and i have been a little under the weather too. it is not fun! love the new design - it is precious! maybe little emery should get one . . . i will let you know - i need to see what the rest of the spring designs look like too!

Mia said...

Happy late birthday cutie. I am sorry you have been sick but I like the results!!!!!

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