Sunday, February 8, 2009

grammys salad (but not grammy's salad)

sitting here watching the grammys (like all of the rest of you). i heart coldplay, & i really heart gwyneth (and i DID see that wink!! did you??!).
and i'm thinking about salad.
now i know you probably come to this blog for one of two things. either you like checking out alacrity's new designs, or you're here to catch up on what's going on in my, (i mean hudson's) life.
but i'm sorry, tonight i really want to talk about salad.
our salad story began after hudson was born (in other words, when i was a complete & total mess) & my mom stayed with us for about 3 weeks (which was not enough). most nights she made a big salad with whatever we were having for dinner. we felt so healthy & so after she left, clint & i decided to try & have a salad with every meal we made.
and here we are almost 2 years later, still only a little less of a mess & also eating a good amount of salad on a weekly basis.
my point here? in these 2 yrs i have really honed my salad making skills. it's got to be quick & creative & i make a good one, if i do say so myself!
here's my favorite "go with anything" salad that we have several nights a week with whatever else i make.

first i get a bag salad for the week. i usually get either the "central market" tub of baby spinach, or their mixed greens. while definitely more $$, it's so much easier to have the greens ready & washed.

then, i add "bolthouse farms" matchstick carrots. this bag lasts for several weeks, if not a month. they are bitesized & you can just throw them on the greens.

next, we do an avocado. we just use 1/2 & leave the pit in the other 1/2 (that keeps it fresh!) & you can eat it the next night.

then we do cherry tomatoes. yes, they are expensive, but this time of year any other tomato type is hardly worth eating - zero taste!

and then dried cranberries! they add a sweetness that is fabulous AND are very fabulous for your health.

and almost lastly, walnuts. gotta have crunch! crumble a few on the top & you're golden.

and lastly, definitely brianna's salad dressing! most specifically "lively lemon tarragon". it's super tasty as well as fat free, so you can feel good about that avocado!!

oh & you need a little s & p, of course. and really some fine slivers of red onion are great with it, too. and if you are thinking of trying to do more salads, another tip is that i always just fix the salad on our plates, rather than making a salad bowl. this keeps everything seperate & more fresh, i think.

okay, well thanks for staying with me & my salad fix. it was random, but i just wanted to share!!

happy week to come :)


Christy said...

your funny! i like a good salad too. i feel like i am pretty boring with my salads. mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and some parm cheese - i should try the carrots, walnuts, and cherries to add to mine. do you not use a cheese?

Eric and Ruth said...

This made me want salad:).

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