Wednesday, March 11, 2009

another easy peasy dinner menu

so this one's a few months late (especially for houston!), but just in case the temps lower again, here's my favorite, easy chili "recipe". this is actually a shout out to the mama because it's what she used for chili when we were growing up.

you can buy these packets off the wick fowler website (what kind of name is "wick"???), but i've always just gotten it @ the grocery store. it's the best - you just brown your meat (i recommend ground turkey), add 1 8oz can of tomato sauce (so cheap - like 30cents or something) & i like to add a can of black beans. the little box has all of the spices that you add in little packets, so super easy & convenient. i will say WATCH OUT for the red pepper flakes - they are H O T like nobody's business, so just don't say i didn't warn you! i like things pretty spicy & last time i put 1/2 the packet in & thought it was a bit too spicy, still!
so it takes about 30 mins to simmer & that's it!

of course you gotta serve it with

sharp cheddar cheese

okay, i don't usually use tillamook, but my friend courtney swears by it! i DO use sharp cheddar cheese, though. i just like the way it tastes, but i did hear somewhere (Today's Show?) to use sharp b/c it has a stronger taste, so you don't need as much. not sure about that, but you can try it out! another thing we DO definitely do is shred our own cheese. it really does make a difference & funny enough it's often cheaper to buy it by the block. if you have a food processor (and it's not perpetually busy chopping up your child's food because he is almost 2 & still happens to have a problem with most solid foods...) it's super easy to shred.


sour cream & possibly avocado, if you're feeling it.

here's to hoping for a little chili weather!


Christy said...

i am liking the dinner suggestions. i am always in need of those. chili would be good tonight b/c it is rainy and very cold in big D!
do you not use that chili that you made when we came down there - the one in the jar? just wondering b/c that was really good too!
hope all is well!

Jen Haney said...

I am going to make that asap! I bought a can of wolf brand chili the other day (with turkey so it was low fat). FYI: yuck gross bad. I learned my lesson and had to talk myself out of gagging. So- your chili recipe comes as a relief! Thanks Kel!

kelly said...

glad i could be of service!!
it's cold & rainy here, too so maybe we'll have it tonight, too!
christy - i really liked that chili, but this one is less $$ (unless you have a coupon!) & a close second taste-wise!

Anonymous said...


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