Sunday, March 8, 2009

easy dinner menu love

(lemon pepper is my favorite but i couldn't find a pic)




easy & yummilicous

this is one of our favorite "it's 6:00 & what the heck are we having for dinner??" meals. we just had it tonight - mmmm. sometimes when it's really late, they're out of the lemon pepper chickens, but today i got lucky :) i eat white & clint eats dark, which makes us a match made in chicken heaven.

white or dark, the chicken works so well with the mediterranean salad - all spinach + some kinda yummy dressing (which i'm sure is full of fat & weird preservatives, but it's just so darn good) + a ridiculously small amount of little cheese chunks & croutons. this part kind of makes me mad sometimes, but the dressing is just so good, so i just keep going back.

then we get some kind of vegetable to go with it. depending on your time sitch, you can always grab something from the premade counter (we used to get some couscous that was yum & not too $$), but lately we've been addicted to asparagus. are you like i used to be - scared of a veggie that sounded so gourmet to make? i'm here to put your worries to rest - asparagus is for the masses! especially now that it's aspargus season & fairly reasonably priced (i got it for $1.79 a pound).

easy peasy yummilicous asparagus

1 bunch of asparagus


sea salt (seriously, it's better & not very $$)



heat pan to mdH. add 2T evoo. let it warm up for a couple secs. add aspargus to pan. sprinkle w/ S&P. saute for 4-5 mins. turn as they cook. they should be tender. put on plate & squeeze 1/2 lemon over the top. ENJOY!

i promise, you will want to eat these like candy!! don't even bother with forks - we just use our hands!

***recipe courtesy of clint harp (though i have to say i think i'm the one who thought of the lemon, babe!!)

so there you go. i thought of another good, easy one i think i'll post tomorrow...

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