Saturday, March 21, 2009

i heart march madness

really, i do.

why? because i was able to spend a friday night peacefully watching what not to wear & dateline without groans & eye rolls from clint AND he was able to watch all the bball his little heart desired on our computer without groans & eye rolls from me! all while sitting on the same couch & even snuggling a bit. marital bliss :)

this morning, i will say my love is beginning to wane a bit as i have had to spent it to the backdrop of cheers & bouncing balls & hudson mimicing his father with cries of "go bears!", which sounds more like "go burrrrs".

oh, it starts so early.

in other news, i had a super fun week this week in tyler. i declared it my "spring break"! spring break in tyler, tx - what could be better???! seriously, it was fun. hudson & i hung out with mere & samuel (aka sammy sosa), jen, ginger & caden. the festivities included lots of swinging, parks, raisins, & yogurt bites, but thanks to blair & kyle we were able to enjoy one night of don juan + marble slab love.
oh t-town, i do love thee :)

as usual, i was terrible @ taking pics, but here are a few...

hudson (no posing as usual), luke davis (hamming it up!!), & sammy (fresh haircut!)

getting ready for bed in coordinating pjs!

ging, caden, sammy, hud, mere, jen - enjoying sunshine + bubbles + sidewalk chalk + swing + coffee drinks + taking each other's toys

cutie little c! a perfect blend of ginger & blair


scheming up mischief in the bathtub...

i also got to stop by snug as a bug to chat it up with melissa & connie, which was fun. if you're in tyler, stop by & see the newly renovated store. & if you wait a few days you'll get to see several of my new designs!


Anonymous said...

yay!!! cute pics! i am still sad we didn't get one of any of us together. oh well! we loved having you guys! miss you! love- mere :)

Christy said...

love the pics! sounds like you all had a wonderful time! the boys are so cute together - we need to get our boys together soon!

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