Saturday, March 21, 2009

aren't yellow tulips the happiest flower?

i absolutely love tulips.

meredith had some beautiful red ones on her table when we were there last week. they were so delicate & cheery, so when i went to the groc (pronounced "grosh" - i love you, darrah) yesterday, i had to get a little bundle. honestly it was an $8 i probably didn't need to spend, but flowers for $8 is pretty darn good!! (*side note - i also probably didn't need to spend $6 on the new realsimple mag, but i did that too. clint forgot to renew my subscription, so i blamed the extra money on him. why i think it's his job to renew my mag, i'm not sure, but i still consider it his fault.)

so the yellows called out my name. i love how sunny they are! first i put them in a carafe type vase, but they just didn't look right, so i went for the little glass bottles. these are actually the bottles hudson's formula came in. which leads me to another love of mine - repurposing glass bottles. this was an especially rewarding hobby when we were living in europe. everything seems to come in glass - lots of fun shapes & sizes. my favorites being the mini-yogurt bottles that were perfect for tea lights.

back to the tulips - here are some pictures...

*linen towel courtesy of my mom's estate sale habit

*pinecone courtesy of a certain little boy who considers them treasures

i've decided when i retire i'm going to spend my days making a "cutting garden" - growing flowers just to cut for vases inside. tulips, hydrangea, daffodils... i'm feeling a more confident gardener these days since debs helped me do a little gardening when she was here 2 wks ago. i'll have to take some pictures for you...

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