Monday, March 30, 2009

teeka teeka

things i want to remember about hudson @ this age (almost 2) - installment one = twinkle twinkle.

hud has loved music, rhythms, rhymes for a long time now but he's just in the past few weeks been able to sing a long with songs. so far, twinkle, twinkle seems to be his favorite. this is how he sings it...

teeka teeka leeya tahh

how i wona wahh haah hey

uca buva wahh haah hey

like a diamon wahh haah hey

teeka teeka leeya tahh

how i wona whahh haah hey

you probably noticed that he likes to finish most lines with "waah haah hey". it's hysterical! most of the time, i sing it this way too - with emphasis on the "waah haah hey"s!

here's a video of me trying to get him to sing for the camera. he doesn't exactly do it, but he sings a little & it's really funny...

the only thing funnier than watching this video is watching HIM watch this video! it's a riot - he mouths along with himself & is just thoroughly entertained!!!

oh, i also want to remember scenes like this...!!!

happy monday to all :)

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Steph Zerbe said...

oh that is just the best video ever. So cute..priceless in fact.
Thanks for sharing!

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